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(Lettre du CIDIF n° 37 -novembre 2007- page 159)




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C.Subramania Bharathi



Thisperson was born about 1877, an dis a brahman of the Tinnevelly District. Heseems to have learnt his politics from G. Subramania aiyar, as he was for atime a sub-editor of the Swadesamitran. In 1906 he edited a new English papercalled the Bala Bharata. When this shortly after failed he joined the staff ofthe seditious Tamil paper India. Hresigned after two months and started theBala Bharata again, and when the editor of this paper was arrested the sameyear, he took refuge withe the rest of the staff in Pondicherry. The papercontinued to be published here, on more seditions lines than evere, for thenext two years, but owing to the measures taken to prevent its importation intoBritish India, it came to an end in 1910.


In1911, shortly before the murder of Mr Ashe on 17th June, twoseditions pamphlets antitled « A word of advice to the Aryans » andoath of administration into the New Bharata Association were distibuted in theTinnevelly and Madras district, an dit has since been ascertained that theywere published and printed by Subramania Bharathi in Pondicherry. He alsoissued about the same time two other seditious tamil pamphlets entitled “Kanavu“and “Aliropangu“. All four pamphlets have been proscribed by Government.


Heis one of the principal members of the anarchist gang an dis a constantcompanion of V.V.S. Aiyar.


SinceArabindo ghose came to Pondicherry, he has been a close associate of SubramaniaBharathi.

(1917)S.49 Cr.